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18 January, 2013

Czech Republic Cuisine… Shut. Your. Mouth.

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Goulash Menu 577

It really is good!

My mama and I had the best vacation back in October. We took an amazing cruise down the Elbe River from Berlin, Germany, to Prague, Czech Repulic. Before we went, I was concerned that I wouldn’t fine many things to eat, as I am not crazy about what I THOUGHT was German food. Well, lemme tell y’all, I was so wrong in thinking that!

Not only is the food completely different from what I had imagined, it was splendidly DELISH. The apple strudel alone made me want to slap my mama!

I had only known “goulash” as a rice and ground beef dish that Nanny made on rainy days. And it contained tomatoes and corn. I had the pleasure of trying “real” goulash in Prague and it was far from what Nanny used to make for us.

Quite the contrary, Czech Goulash is a rich, thick gravy-type stew with tender pieces of lean beef in it. It can be served over rice or even mashed potatoes. Get the recipe:

Czech Goulash

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