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1 February, 2013


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My Jags aren’t in the Super Bowl this weekend, so I am not cheering for one team or the other. But what I am doing is looking forward to seeing all the crazy commercials.

I think my all-time favorite was watching the epic commercial for Apple, which aired during the Super Bowl in 1984. There have been many other favorites as well – the Mean Joe Greene accepting a Coke from a little boy, the shooting contest between Larry Bird and Michael Jordan for a McDonald’s hamburger, and who could forget the Budweiser frogs back in the mid ’90s!

Whatever the Super Bowl has in store for us this year during commercial breaks is anybody’s guess. But I will tell y’all what, I will be sitting right in front of my television anxiously awaiting each and every one! And also discussing them for days afterwards!

Below are some of my “go-to” recipes for watching the big game and all those crazy, creative commercials. Click on each one to get the yummy recipe:

Potato Skinnys

Redneck Caviar

Bang Bang Shrimp


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