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Let’s Eat

I can’t tell y’all how many times growing up in the deep South that I heard Mama call out “let’s eat” across the backyard for us kids to come in and wash up for supper. My sister, brother and I were fortunate enough to have parents who were school teachers, so Mama was always home early enough to prepare a big meal each evening. Supper was always eaten around the dining room table and consisted of meat, starch, at least one vegetable, and either buttered white bread or biscuits with butter and jelly. And of course, sweet tea.

Food was a early companion of mine. I ate for happy times, sad times, just about anytime! Unfortunately, all this eating created quite the weight issue that I still battle today.

Instead of giving up rich, Southern dishes that I grew up on, I decided that I would “skinny-up” recipes from all the old favorites. This is where SouthernCookingLight.com comes in. I base these lighter dishes from recipes passed down generation-to-generation…from my real life “steel magnolia” grandmothers and my Mama…all incredible cooks.

Fresh ingredients, delightful tastes, rich textures – all blend to create the old stand-bys – just lower in fat and calories, but not lacking in flavor! As motivation to continue my weight loss journey, I look forward to posting new recipes to inspire all of us to eat smarter and healthier!

“Let’s eat!”

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