Recipe: "Sayany" Borscht On

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Recipe: "Sayany" Borscht On
Recipe: "Sayany" Borscht On

Video: Recipe: "Sayany" Borscht On

Video: Recipe: "Sayany" Borscht On
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Borscht "Sayany"

Boil water, salt, add chopped cabbage, after a few minutes - chopped potatoes. Spread coarsely chopped onions and carrots in fat, add tomato paste and simmer. Cut the beets into strips and add to the saucepan. Season borsch with stewed vegetables, add pepper, salt, bay leaf. A few minutes before cooking, put the meatballs made from ready-made minced meat into the borscht. Sprinkle generously with herbs before serving.

minced meat 350-400 r
cabbage 300-400 r
potatoes 3-4 PCS.
tomato paste 4-5 Art. spoons
boiled beets 2-3 PCS.
garlic 3-4 clove
salt taste
pepper taste
Bay leaf 1 PCS.
parsley taste
dill taste
cooking fat 2-3 Art. spoons

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