Recipe: Pickle With Chicken Giblets On

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Recipe: Pickle With Chicken Giblets On
Recipe: Pickle With Chicken Giblets On
Video: Recipe: Pickle With Chicken Giblets On
Video: Sichuan Fried Giblets with Pickled Chilis - How to Cook Giblets (泡椒鸡杂) 2023, February

Pickle with chicken offal

2 servings

We are preparing an unusually tasty, aromatic and economical dish - a pickle from chicken offal.

Food (for 2 servings)
meat broth 2.5 l
or meat and bone broth 2.5 l
chicken offal (from one chicken) how much will it take
parsnip root 1 PCS.
celery root 1 PCS.
parsley root 1 PCS.
onion 1 PCS.
sorrel 50 r
spinach 50 r
pickles 4-5 PCS.
pickle pickle 0.5-1 glass
ghee 1 Art. the spoon
Bay leaf 1 PCS.
black peppercorns 2-3 peas
sour cream taste
parsley taste
dill taste

Singe the head, neck and wings of the chicken and rinse thoroughly. Cut the neck into 3-4 parts, the wings - into two; chop off the beak; cut the heart and remove the blood; cut the navel in half lengthwise, remove the inner film and wash well. Scald the first two joints of the legs and remove the tough skin. Put everything in a saucepan, pour hot broth, put peppercorns, bay leaves, chopped roots and cook for 1.5-2 hours at low boil. Remove the offal, and strain the broth and pour back into the pan. Cook the washed liver separately.

At this time, cut the cucumbers, peeled and seeds, into strips, put in a pan, pour in a little broth and lightly simmer under the lid. Chop the peeled onion and fry in hot butter. Rinse sorrel and spinach, scald with boiling water, remove large veins, and chop the leaves very finely or mince them.

Put stewed cucumbers and fried onions in a boiling strained broth, boil for 10 minutes, add sorrel, spinach, boiled and strained cucumber pickle, boiled offal and cook for another 5-7 minutes. Pouring the chicken offal pickle into plates, add sour cream and sprinkle with finely chopped herbs.

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