Recipe: Beetroot Puree On

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Recipe: Beetroot Puree On
Recipe: Beetroot Puree On

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Beet puree

Recipe photo: Beetroot puree
Recipe photo: Beetroot puree

ZNAIKA 07/08/17

Rets of an unusual nogo p - from a vekla chnokom dreams mass.

Beetroot p ra - 4 t.
lo livoch - 1 s. l.
knock - 3 bka
eh queen or noah - 0.25 t
or okay - I'll taste
ets ery s
Yogut wali sana
at Winna's

As a needle-eyelid puet:

1.Hosh will put the wash in the shu ty with her, deer. Got imer 40 minutes, to the station (you can enter).

2. Drain the water on the eyelid. b barren tt mine 5.

3. In the meantime, pour in soda, lays down rbleny cnok, it minutes 2, more. l carpet with s.

4. mail, go ht. Bikami will mix it with bikami in your otsa, if it is with scrap, eh or this ok add to taste. roat to one sensation. olit and whose taste.

p from the ovo eyelid. iat appetite!

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