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Recipe: Risotto On
Recipe: Risotto On
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Recipe photo: Risotto
Recipe photo: Risotto

4 portions 40 min Yulenka) 12/15/10

Risoto - do, op is suitable for, t and u.

Food (for 4 servings)
Olive lo - 1. l.
k (chy) - 1/3 t (60 gr)
Ches (crushed) - 1 zuik
us s - 2 1/4 sakana (500)
Rice boron (or fight at the station) - 1 ton (200 gr)
Tomato pasa - 1 ton
Tomato-s (very from r and emyan nare) - 100 amm
she s (esanne stripes)
Fresh cha (whipping) - 2 sec. l.
and ery ets

1. Warmed up the fire with a painful yip. b k hnok tsh 10 t, since they are soft, not c.

2. Bring the boil to the boil.

3.Islu and ovit another 1-2 minutes, wed, r not t prachm.

4. Take a spoonful of omat and pour it into place until it is absorbed. Repeat the press after adding spoons. Got 10-15 tons, not soft and light, water is required.

5. Eat omate t, s and uyony tomato and cha and b.

6. Blue will be served with basil and will be served.

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