Recipe: Lentil Couscous On

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Recipe: Lentil Couscous On
Recipe: Lentil Couscous On

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Couscous with lentils

Recipe photo: Couscous with lentils
Recipe photo: Couscous with lentils

12 portions of ZNAIKA 05/17/11

The best is the addition of ku-kuu with chevits. Akim provinces a half-year.

Food (for 12 servings)
Checha (washing) - 3 t
Water - 3 t
Tomato (consvire, ezanne cu) - 320 g
noah l - 320 g
ebel elya (uy) - 4 t.
k epchy (shi) - 1 t.
pec with greens (ry bikami) - 1 t.
kov (ezanny ku) - 1 sh.
Ches (rbleny) - 2 zu
Sueny Major - 1 hour
Chery lane - 1/4 h.
Yablochy css - 1 ton.
Olive oil other asitnoe - 1 t.
Ku-ku otnoy

1. Dare to, with the lane, sder, mor, chnok, echu, y, buon, ery y lane and an. t on the fire of a boil, deep in your ears. it is 7 hours och small fire.

2. ovu chevits sat with css and scrap. b-cuckoo. as tyami aleya (desire).

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