Recipe: Prakes (cabbage Rolls) On

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Recipe: Prakes (cabbage Rolls) On
Recipe: Prakes (cabbage Rolls) On

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Prakes (cabbage rolls)

Koch kaput or adny lis are boiling. Otitis media tse ue cha, t ote.

about the cook, opute the meat. Rice vare, wash, from it. Eggs are sieve. to passyt in le.

igott fsh meat, ra, y eggs, lu, adding ol chny and grind pepper to taste.

Prepare the tea with a salt and a nit by a convection.

Igott ss. eogo otte zhany skhi medovy pr re ottsm yach buon, tnu pass, yulot, s and ets. it ss 10 t.

e bts v from, fill in ss t, so that the cover would be full, and whit under the ykoy cha.

eat her sol akes e ouom. t t that t and aha are honey raisins.

meat from? 1-300 r
R? 52-0.5 glasses
fox? cabbage 70-600 r
or fox? b winegr? e 41-600 r
lu 23-2 PCS.
an egg 70-1 PCS.
wt t 66-3 Art. spoons
! r? spruce For the sauce: 39-0
t? - pass? a 76-2 Art. spoons
s? ar 57-3 Art. spoons
boo? he 36-1 glass
pr honey 19-1 PCS.
s? x? and? zhany rubbed 31-2 Art. spoons
lemon? lot taste
from? taste
lane? taste

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