Recipe: Koloshvarski Cabbage Rolls On

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Recipe: Koloshvarski Cabbage Rolls On
Recipe: Koloshvarski Cabbage Rolls On

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Koloshvarski cabbage rolls

Rice with varying half-bearing. feather to meat. Lou is fine, light, etc.

You dare to blame, is, enna lu, chnok, oh, ol per, vyat to odnoshi.

cha kaput vary boil 3-5 minutes, ohh. to prepare the cha lays down the beginning and kat bts.

Kvashu su uit with a quantity of water 10-15 tons, to the narbit, fry the fat and b kaput, put it.

Casrlyu, greased with fat, vyh enna kaput, na bts, flooded with water, t cover bts, put smoked in, ezanne a chunk, and it in 50 minutes under a small amount of water. There are no sausages.

Smear the rat s koy, the iku is poured with sous kvash. t to and nat.

Fry up some guilt.

lays down the caput on the do, bts, fill the meth, sebivs and iki s. to b yach.

from 49-500 r
R? 90-100 r
lu 84-1 PCS.
fat 38-40 r
h? nok 49-1 slice
from? taste
lane? taste
major taste
papr taste
an egg 81-1 PCS.
kapu? t kvash 45-1 Kg
fat 66-500 r
lu 96-1 PCS.
smoked sausages 58-200 r
mu taste
s? ana 13-0.4 l

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