Recipe: Cabbage Roll Sauce On

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Recipe: Cabbage Roll Sauce On
Recipe: Cabbage Roll Sauce On
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Cabbage roll sauce

1 serving

Thu ss goluov, cat booted, would arney, and ke bts network ovy foxes and asy tukov lane They will serve goluy, their ouom, about meth or ly with milk.

Products (for 1 portion)
laurel? y? t 17-2 PCS.
lane? kr? us s? r? h? th 15-1 PCS.
from? 33-1 h spoon
milk? loe 57-1 glass
or s? ana 14-1 glass
! p? spruce 68-0
fatty meat 43-500 r
R? 87-100 r
lu 44-4 PCS.
a tomato? 28-3 PCS.
an egg 37-1 PCS.
from? taste
lane? taste
! p? spruce 73-0
mouthpiece? t 9-1 head of cabbage

Goluy kaput.

Meat from the scythe, bt prsit chaz orbku, b is (eny or yoy), nashi k, ol, ery ets with two-those. you eat well. will add one oo to ap.

An sy sit for 10-15 tons are boiled, When you are tt, ethny, from ana. lays down on you and makes goals.

bcrlyu t, ch rb bts. Add laurel t, tuok as per se. eat bt, to cover bts, cover with a heifer, a heifer. Kasrlyu, start on fire, bh, start it on the lab 25-30 minutes.

On ova goluy heifers oy. To bts is a met or loe.

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