Recipe: "Prakes" (meat Cabbage Rolls) On

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Recipe: "Prakes" (meat Cabbage Rolls) On
Recipe: "Prakes" (meat Cabbage Rolls) On

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"Prakes" (meat cabbage rolls)

My sons are faithful to you. Iir is boiled in rhenium water, smiling. b se tt, rat na ty, t ot.


Meat otitis media, prsit chaz orbku, b is, owanny lu, egg, sit, whose hosh is perat.

Fsh, well t and kat lays on you.

gravy otte uar and yanik azvesi otsm yach buon, omat-r, lemon kitty, pepper, ah and it 10 min.

bts I pass, bt, just barely and it under the gott.

meat 97-500 r
R? 79-75 r
an egg 15-1 PCS.
lu 78-100 r
kapu? t white r
with beef ghee 5-50 r
boo he noy 57-0.5 l
t? - pass? a 29-50 r
s? ar 20-75 r
s? x? and? zhany 71-50 r
pr honey 59-50 r
lemon? lot 63-0.5 r
lane? taste
from? taste

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