Recipe: Mussel Cabbage Rolls On

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Recipe: Mussel Cabbage Rolls On
Recipe: Mussel Cabbage Rolls On
Video: Recipe: Mussel Cabbage Rolls On
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Mussel stuffed cabbage

6 servings

Mussels TT for 1 ac with water. ochte ht rsh and oro wash. S ir sor, between the yks of akuki tt at 2 m, and, likewise, breaking, oyt rsh, without tearing the sore litter. Without taking the rsh, he will fill with the provoked Inca, he will release the krsh rsh. On the kasrli it lays down with filled rsh and e ¼, nakre ar, zat close krsh and lives on il fire t long, not pars water. e fire, tt mussels casrli give wasp. We will put it on file.

Food (for 6 servings)
large mussels (with shells) 98-20 PCS.
from 12-5 Art. spoons
R? 85-1 glass
lu 64-6 heads
olive oil 22-0.75 glasses
a tomato? 4-1 PCS.
oh? gr? cue ground 59-1 Art. the spoon
raisins - kush 12-1 Art. the spoon
from? 79-1.5 h. spoons
s? ar 95-3 h. spoons
bark 32-1 h spoon
lane? green pods 4-1 h spoon

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