Recipe: Cabbage Rolls "Kherson" On

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Recipe: Cabbage Rolls "Kherson" On
Recipe: Cabbage Rolls "Kherson" On

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Cabbage rolls "Kherson"

Boloy an sy par lump, edvarel at a knife in the village. ь cha, p with coffins pr (or azbiv derm com). igot incu fried lu and nar mor. In incu b is, whose yesh petuki, ol, eri ec. the fox is very small. He will put the beginning on the sh, the cover is small, and it is wrapped, the old op. Prepare the bts will put it in a tyo, filled with water (tet vyot) and a duovka.

Goluy ast, b sanoi r with beaten eggs and essh 1520 min. Got yach boiling mass, in the case you can wish it.

mouthpiece? t 22-2 Kg
lu r? at? th 36-160 r
pestilence? 75-100 r
R? 14-250 r
by weight 30-100 r
R 89-150 r
or s? ana 64-75 r
an egg 49-3 PCS.
lane? h? us hammer? th taste
lane? cr? us hammer? th taste
greens? r? w taste

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