Recipe: Cabbage Rolls With Lamb On

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Recipe: Cabbage Rolls With Lamb On
Recipe: Cabbage Rolls With Lamb On

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Video: MAGGI Ramadan Recipes:Lamb Stuffed Cabbage rolls- محشي ورق الملفوف بلحم الغنم 2023, February

Cabbage rolls with lamb

4 servings

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Food (for 4 servings)
kapu? t white 83-1 head of cabbage
lamb 48-375 r
lu r? at? th 31-4 heads
h? nok 79-2 clove
seedless raisins 27-2 Art. spoons
R? 27-0.5 glasses
mas p? t? spruce 74-4 Art. spoons
boo? he? r? th glasses
an egg 24-1 PCS.
basil greens 66-10 r
dill 63-20 r
a tomato? cons? vir? e in its own juice 42-200 r
yoga? t 70-150 r
cr? small? t? spruce? th 31-1 Art. the spoon
greens? r? w taste
greens? cr taste
from? taste
lane? h? us hammer? th taste

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