Recipe: Cabbage Roll Soup On

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Recipe: Cabbage Roll Soup On
Recipe: Cabbage Roll Soup On

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Soup with cabbage rolls

A weld made of tsen and kovitz. The meat is removed from the meat, and it is put into the water. It is poured over 2-3 times, and they will sit in a kettle of complete melting. at r s arem, olit, pop, add 1/2 sakan and oroeme. an sy t, flooded with boiling and it 5-10. Ossu, ry erzhku, azobri and came. If they are eh ye, azr, from the com ols Thu. He will lay it out on the tyakh noi ar, the khosh wrapped it up. Che bts should be a little bit shorter ex. Each goal will be tied with a nit. Lightly burns, lays down in a bale, in a bale, and in a fire until it reaches sheep. eat her well bts, ci ki, lays down the goluy mis, flooded, in the op they willis. It will be flooded with buon, avit will be served.

meat 28-500 r
R? 57-0.5 glasses
lu? s 15-2 PCS.
pestilence? 56-1 PCS.
greens? r? w 89-1 PCS.
s? der 44-1 PCS.
t? 55-1 Art. the spoon
wt t 7-2 Art. spoons
kapu? t fresh (small head of cabbage) 13-1 head of cabbage
lane? taste
from? taste
s? ana 47-1 glass

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