Recipe: Mushroom Pilaf With Vegetables On

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Recipe: Mushroom Pilaf With Vegetables On
Recipe: Mushroom Pilaf With Vegetables On
Video: Recipe: Mushroom Pilaf With Vegetables On
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Mushroom pilaf with vegetables

To prepare this dish, vegetables and mushrooms are fried and then stewed with rice. Mushroom pilaf with vegetables is tasty and healthy, you will like it!

rice 2 glasses
fresh mushrooms 15-20 PCS.
eggplant 2 PCS.
sweet peppers 2 pod
tomato 3-4 PCS.
carrot 1 PCS.
butter 3 Art. spoons
or margarine 3 Art. spoons
vegetable oil 3 Art. spoons
meat broth 1.5 glasses
or water 1.5 glasses
dill taste
salt taste

How to cook mushroom pilaf with vegetables:

In vegetable oil, fry peeled and diced eggplants and diced tomatoes. Pepper, peel and cut into large narrow strips, cut carrots into strips, simmer for 5 minutes in butter. Cut onions into half rings, fry together with thinly sliced ​​mushrooms.

Rinse the rice thoroughly, boil in salted water until half cooked and put on a sieve.

Put the vegetables in a deep saucepan or frying pan, put rice in the same place, pour in broth or water, salt and simmer over low heat until tender.

Sprinkle with dill before serving mushroom pilaf with vegetables.

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