Recipe: Stewed Mushrooms And Potatoes On

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Recipe: Stewed Mushrooms And Potatoes On
Recipe: Stewed Mushrooms And Potatoes On

Mushrooms with potatoes, stewed in a pot

Ochenny and omyy gr oshit boil, on the basis of water. ezat gr strips with a thickness of 1 m. to onko ezat and it lu together with gr on a carpet with oro azogry wt.

Relative to the massed and ezanne brscami (ikami) tel.

b tel big th (amichkiy) sh or little goroch with yks, es g with com. b ol, ec, ovy foxes, greens rsh.

It will flood gorey or ibn from the faithful loy of oduov, b, me, y krsh, will put a duovka into oro azogru. shh and mer Tatras 30-40 min. whether to go to one slide, which is krsh, it is closed by koi krt tt, given water to mu.

We will pay blue fire for a small, finely cut y cr or rsh.

gr? from 90-600 r
car? of? 65-700 r
mas p? t? spruce 26-3 Art. spoons
or wt t 79-3 Art. spoons
lu r? at? th 70-2 heads
s? ana 31-0.5 glasses
from? taste
lane? gor? com taste
laurel? y? t taste
parsley and dill taste

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