Recipe: Chicken Stew In Wine On

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Recipe: Chicken Stew In Wine On
Recipe: Chicken Stew In Wine On

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Chicken meat stewed in wine

Recipe photo: Chicken stew in wine
Recipe photo: Chicken stew in wine

6 servings of ZNAIKA 12.12.13

Kuinoe o whitya shom gr in as wine.

Food (for 6 servings)
Olive oil - 45 (3 s. L.)
k-alot - 12 t.
ki (re skami) - 230
Chas (crushed chas es) - 3 zu
Gr shony vezhie (ezany na) - 230 g
r f - 3 halves
re a - 6 t.
ac wine - 1 tlka (750)
Salt to taste
grind us pepper - I'll taste
rsh s (ripped) - 45 (3 s. l.)
boo ni:
rsh s - 3 branches
yan vezhiy - 3 pts
Salf c - 3 branches
us per gorkom - 4 t.
ome oh:
livoch (rennoe) - 25 (2 s. l.)
ka - 25 (1/4 sakana)

How to use a lot of meats in:

1. In sh chgu kasrle () on the district of ret, olive lo, lays down sh and it, stir, prno 5 t, golden tsa o ex tone. shh, get a cauldron, gr and eu, fry, iodichki willow, 10 minutes.

2. Perr the heifer. rf cut in half, fry the same in tems mas to iso-ich tsa, yky oozhit in t casrle. This is what it puts in, so the feathers are with ibami, and the EU. Fills the compressed with wine.

3. Avy bua ni lays with h in a ring with mar, sm, t half a bag. There are tons of tavami sacks of meat. Bring the oder to the boil, reduce the fire, yy and whit meat about 35 tons.

4. a small ke unites mu with scrap, at the mouth up to one sensation.

5. One ainu add mas-munu sy kasrlya, oro emesh in each c. Bring it to a boil, ovit meat for another 5 minutes. A bag of tavami dalit.

6. Got tsh kuinoe o shom gr will serve sazu, it is possible from now on karof. Per feeds spat tsh kuinoe o rsh.

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