Recipe: "Rajah's Breakfast" On

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Recipe: "Rajah's Breakfast" On
Recipe: "Rajah's Breakfast" On

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Rajah's Breakfast

2 servings

Soak the mushrooms overnight and the rice for one hour.

Cut the cheese into small pieces and fry. Fry finely chopped onion separately. Put onions and cheese in a saucepan filled with water, boil, add rice, chopped carrots and mushrooms, pour in milk, add spices and simmer until all the water has boiled away. Decorate with fresh herbs.

Food (for 2 servings)
rice 2 glasses
dried mushrooms 250 r
cheese thirty r
onion 1 PCS.
carrot 1 PCS.
garlic 3 lobules
milk 0.75 glasses
ghee 0.75 glasses
water 1 l
Bay leaf 2 PCS.
cinnamon taste
salt 1 h spoon

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