Recipe: Cherry Curry Casserole On

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Recipe: Cherry Curry Casserole On
Recipe: Cherry Curry Casserole On

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Video: Pineapple Curry - Annasi Curry by Grandma Menu 2023, February

Casserole with cherries and curry sauce

1 hour 10 minutes

1. Gr weigh mail, wash, drive t chunk.

2. Mastir soda. noy ar. Constantly wilting, it fsh kol mine.

3. Add buon to aru iba, uit 5-10 min. Pose will pop.

4. For oua, asopit in from mas, pat mu. Hinder, fry a layer of vet.

5. Poured into the pot, whipping with ice, so that the lump is not formed.

6. Sow, bring to a boil, ovit about 5 tonnes. Add s and p.

7. Slightly okay, ss, eat. with sh not it.

8. Lubricate the baking mass, put it in fsh gr. Filled with proven dreams ss kari spat ttm yom.

9. x ret up to 200. Got well casserole gr and ouom p in x about 25 t.

f? w? noy 6-250 r
weight with 57-500 r
c? r? mezan grated 47-2 Art. spoons
mass with? 14-2 Art. spoons
boo he noy 71-6 Art. spoons
from? taste
lane? white hammer taste
mass for lubricating the form how much will it take
! r? spruce For the sauce: 56-0
mass with? 49-20 r
mu psh? naya 64-20 r
milk 50-250 ml
yellow 70-2 PCS.
from 62-2 Art. spoons
car? and 25-1 h spoon
from? taste

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