Recipe: Champignon Cocoon On

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Recipe: Champignon Cocoon On
Recipe: Champignon Cocoon On
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Champignon cocoa

Prepare an ampinh ott on a rlag, onko ezat and it on a carpet in il ret mas t, choba with zarmyanilis, add per and ol (not olit, if shony erovanny). For oah mu s pr with akim kolicht mas, willow, weigh the yach with milk, his comrade Sow needs a cook with fire, fervently, teni ten and olit (if there are no shones, o olit sem, t as the life of a deer). Goti us ss mesh the same yesvom livoks from the dignity eoi mesu ovlenny gr. It will put fire on the labs (on y) by 10 - 15., so that Iba drink oyom. He puts them porionny cocottes (allichkie ashki rch) or soda, yer ery, cx put on shkuoch mas and lret duovka. we are on fire. prostrate with ibami blue, cover set.

w? ony 70-800 r
wt t 43-1 Art. the spoon
from 69-1.5 glasses
s? r? er? s 46-70 r
! r? spruce For the sauce: 98-0
mu 52-1 Art. the spoon
by weight 16-1 Art. the spoon
milk 47-1.5 glasses

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