Recipe: Mushroom Puff Rolls On

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Recipe: Mushroom Puff Rolls On
Recipe: Mushroom Puff Rolls On

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Video: How To Make Vol Au Vent Shells ( From puff pastry sheets) 2023, February

Puff rolls with champignons

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w? ony 57-500 r
by weight 78-1 Art. the spoon
mu 39-1 Art. the spoon
from? from champignons 87-1 glass
s? ana (briquette) 6-2 PCS.
greens? r? w chopped 43-1 Art. the spoon
u? op 42-1 h spoon
! p? fir For puff pastry: 78-0
mass with? 73-200 r
water 70-1 glass
mu 17-200 r
from? taste

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