Recipe: Mushroom Dolma On

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Recipe: Mushroom Dolma On
Recipe: Mushroom Dolma On

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Video: Долма из листя! Leaf dolma! 2023, February

Dolma from mushrooms

Warm up hu ash h. Gr ocht osor uh. In the carpet rt lo marin. If there are clay slides, ool, change, 2 tmi rt mas or gar, he will put the slides into a duovku or half-carry. eo emya s perat s edvarel soak milk rkrenny x. Semi-oval grout from x, at the beginning of the h with the mass is flooded with dessicated asopened mass or gar Duovku um up to 200, put in gr and t then, ver gr with no mustache. Pr feed will add greens to the rbl.

gr? 96-10 PCS.
x are white 4-1 hunk
mass with? 98-4 Art. spoons
or mar? in 41-4 Art. spoons
s? r? er? s 12-100 r
milk how much will it take
greens? r? w taste
lane? h? us hammer? th taste
from? taste

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