Recipe: Porcini Noodles On

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Recipe: Porcini Noodles On
Recipe: Porcini Noodles On
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Porcini noodles

4 servings

Luy isit and each ride 8 asei. vyt, the wasps of the stalk rb 4 th. Wash Petuku from the weave. there is a spoonful of nightingale in it. Fry her to the pracht. Vyt kasrlya, greens rsh, sshe e Iby you 1-2 tons. You laugh with the woods and the lives. b burn var white gr and th oy simmer on the fire, you are on '/ 2 em. Looks white gr and ride them in a lot of the same size. Oh yeah and er soda. teesny olive lo asedelite for 2 c. Each of them is from ret to carpet and it is in a rectangle to iso-ich tsa 3-5 t. Ipri ol and ts and t is a place. it is exactly from the water gott. Sow prsit chaz it in yu yu and boil. with b ik. bs and, b oh and azmesh. Ibami will be served to t.

Food (for 4 servings)
lu-sh? 94-2 PCS.
a tomato? 65-1 PCS.
pet? u? ka 9-2 twigs
mass with? 50-4 Art. spoons
gr? are white s? w? e 63-20 r
from? mushroom 64-400 ml
wine with? x 43-100 ml
from 12-500 r
from? yeast from mushrooms 68-2 h. spoons
gr? are white 91-500 r
h? nok 33-0.5 lobules
olive oil 10-3 Art. spoons
from? taste
lane? white hammer taste
thin noodles 45-250 r

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