Recipe: Dried Mushroom Kebab On

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Recipe: Dried Mushroom Kebab On
Recipe: Dried Mushroom Kebab On
Video: Recipe: Dried Mushroom Kebab On
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Dried mushroom barbecue

Drain porcini mushrooms that have swollen in water, cut into large slices, cut the onion into thick circles, and fresh lard into 3x4 cm squares, 0.3 cm thick.Then, the mushroom slices, alternating with onion circles and bacon squares, string on wooden or metal skewers, salt and sprinkle with black pepper. Place the kebabs in a deep frying pan or roast pan, add water in which the mushrooms have been soaked, bring to a boil, cover and simmer over low heat for 30-35 minutes. Serve on a platter, put coarsely chopped green onions, slices of fresh tomatoes next to it, garnish with lemon slices, sprigs of green parsley and sprinkle with chopped dill. Serve the kebab broth in the gravy boat. Garnish with rice or mashed potatoes.

mushrooms 12 PCS.
bulb onions 4 heads
green onion 8 PCS.
pork fat 12 pieces
tomato 2 PCS.
lemon 1 PCS.
ground black pepper taste
greenery taste
salt taste

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