Recipe: Salad With Porcini Mushrooms On

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Recipe: Salad With Porcini Mushrooms On
Recipe: Salad With Porcini Mushrooms On

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Salad with porcini mushrooms

4 servings

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Food (for 4 servings)
from? fox? ovoy (valerianella) 6-150 r
a tomato? 80-12 PCS.
mas from? ec? op? ov 77-8 Art. spoons
u? u? balsamic 49-4 Art. spoons
u? u? eh? t? agony 94-1 h spoon
s? ar 23-1 pinch
from? taste
lane? white hammer taste
gr? are white 13-500 r
h? nok 46-1 slice
pet? u? ka 88-8 twigs
mass with? 53-4 Art. spoons

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