Recipe: Chanterelle Soup On

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Recipe: Chanterelle Soup On
Recipe: Chanterelle Soup On
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Chanterelle soup

4 servings

Green lu very fine ride. Lard ezat och small bikami. Ich ocht, and become comfortable and sew, I will wash the set. Vyt tyan ot from t. Warm up the casrle of 1 ty sny la, spat lu and whit to wake up. Have greens, 150 g ich and light in 3-5 minutes. Poured into the tyu buon consvirtina s and it on the fire 5-7 tons. The fried loaf of the azogr soda fry it the thies 200 g ich 2-4 minutes root vet. Add ku s and drink it. if ypr ol, change mukatm ex and savit in tone. If si buona with whipped sial wreath, until the half-children are one according to the sp-r. Weigh out the ku with a small amount of cold oil, add to y, rat and boil. e at the wedding, will add fried ich. Ruled by syu, c and dreams orom. and e salt these greens are tang.

Food (for 4 servings)
lu green 35-6 PCS.
from 37-80 r
fox? ki? vezhie 37-350 r
t? yan (? abr ?, bogor? kaya? r) 57-6 twigs
mass with? 12-2 Art. spoons
boo he noy 100-800 r
from 14-150 r
from? taste
oh? mu? cat? th taste
mu 73-2 Art. spoons

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