Recipe: Sausage Goulash On

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Recipe: Sausage Goulash On
Recipe: Sausage Goulash On

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Sausage goulash

For koi x haktny yny blue from azlichkh ok sis. This is the kind of deal that Avitya has to offer.

c? del 53-3 PCS.
mu how much will it take
pestilence? 13-2 PCS.
a tomato? 36-1 PCS.
lu 55-1 PCS.
mar? in 50-2 Art. spoons
boo? he 40-250 r
ogu? ts? mar? e 62-1 PCS.
lane? cr? us taste
s? ar taste
from? taste

Mor, tomato lu nar kimi bikami. half gar, add bunks and. Without mine, the buon will add some oli.

Look for arches to go krzhoch, roll in ke, fry the dried gar. (Sarki is not ivat.) Will add a piece to the amt s ezanne cucumber.

Blue lock ol, sar, perm.

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