Recipe: Gypsy Goulash On

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Recipe: Gypsy Goulash On
Recipe: Gypsy Goulash On
Video: Recipe: Gypsy Goulash On
Video: How to Make Authentic Gypsy Goulash 2023, February

Gypsy goulash

1 serving

Pulp bar nare t cookies, yol ol and erm c, with fry kuoch. Zat pospat krny perem, koi, ery chnokom, skami ts, major and it on the fire of the mine. Add ring lu, cuoch cucumber, for very long 35 min.

gar will serve the roast.

Products (for 1 portion)
lu r? at? th 95-3 PCS.
a tomato? 39-1 PCS.
h? nok lobules
lane? h? us taste
lane? cr? us taste
from? taste
major taste
ogu? ts? mar? e 53-1 PCS.
lane? 65-1 PCS.
bar 6-500 r
w (w, w) 88-40 r
fat 66-2 Art. spoons

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