Recipe: Goulash (home Canned) On

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Recipe: Goulash (home Canned) On
Recipe: Goulash (home Canned) On

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Video: Home-Canning Hungarian Goulash ~ Pressure Canning 2023, February

Goulash (home preservation)

Prepare wine for a series, at a bar about a jug, 2530 g each, fry 40-50 fat. When about a mustache, I numb it, and fat ayu lu, cats fry the appearance of Isoy ace. Relatively Ivay mu and mesht with com. om t, s, sar thresh l per. The mixture is brought to a boil of RT and 7080 ° C. I cover the crush, roll up and tilizut and 105 2 hours.

! p? spruce For 10 half-liter cans: 32-0
meat 81-3.5 Kg
fill 67-1.8 Kg
laurel? y? t 40-10 PCS.
! p? spruce Composition of the fill 12-0
! p? spruce for 10 half-liter cans: 76-0
fat 100-450 r
mu 84-50 r
lu r? at? th 52-400 r
from? 92-70 r
s? ar 93-20 r
lane? h? us hammer? th 42-6 r
water 47-1.1 l

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