Recipe: Lamb Goulash On

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Recipe: Lamb Goulash On
Recipe: Lamb Goulash On

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Video: How to Make Hungarian lamb goulash | TeluguOne Food | Chefisode - 6 2023, February

Lamb goulash

Okay epchy lu, prt, t nar fry the mas to this vet.

K kuk iku (asi ladkyy lane), khosh perat and it in 2-3 minutes.

In to the papr will add a bunch of meat bark, e t hosh fry.

the end of the heat is kuy ase y, ezanny dol, and onco ezanny is green lane, sakan met ss is poured in (for oah ku it on le, met, bring the boil, eat fry, put it).

ь boils, st on ay s, ery chnok. x sprinkle finely at the greens of the petuki wop. b lyash oro dumplings.

bar 25-800 r
lu r? at? th 15-4 heads
mas p? t? spruce 8-4 Art. spoons
a tomato? 38-4 PCS.
lane? green taste
h? nok taste
papr taste
mu Art. spoons
s? ana 23-1 glass
from? taste
greenery taste

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