Recipe: French Goulash Soup On

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Recipe: French Goulash Soup On
Recipe: French Goulash Soup On

French goulash soup

Wash the meat. Luu isit, wash, drive half.

He will pour wine alo ssovat lu into a bunk with a bottom. Add meat, put, whose, light, etc. Pour in a litte of water, add about the gott.

Tomato with peanuts, steamed as kuoch. He will put a fox in the bunk and t with oats, eat and it until the ram.

oo-gu in ar, put the petukas on it.

you? ezka? me 73-400 r
lu 51-2 heads
a tomato? 11-1 PCS.
lane? with cons? vir? th 33-1 pod
f? ol? steam (mange -? y) 52-120 r
from with 56-50 r
t? yan (? abr ?, bogor? kaya? r) 61-1 twig
laurel? y? t taste
pet? u? ka 3-2 twigs
lane? h? us hammer? th taste
from? taste

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