Recipe: Goulash Stewed In Tomato On

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Recipe: Goulash Stewed In Tomato On
Recipe: Goulash Stewed In Tomato On

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Goulash stewed in tomato

Meat from zka, or och thu wash, eat with small biks, yi ol and it with all sorts in a carpet with oro azogry fat. Zat will add shredded lu, spat mu, pepper and roast. the body is sitting, draining and moving the slice. Gu with a lump lays down in Amichskie pores, faith lays down karof, flooded with the same burning or, add t-puet, meth, laurel t, yy ykami, to duovka tsh gott in 1-1.5 ac. Got blue will be served in a pot of greens.

beef 90-500 r
car? of? 47-9 PCS.
lu 11-2 PCS.
boo he noy 4-3 glasses
or water 59-3 glasses
t? -pyu? e 12-3 Art. spoons
s? ana 48-3 Art. spoons
mas p? t? spruce 19-3 Art. spoons
or with? 20-75 r
mu 3-1 Art. the spoon
greens? r? w 34-2 Art. spoons
or u? op 85-2 Art. spoons
laurel? y? t 9-2 Art. spoons
from? taste

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