Recipe: Pork Goulash With Bread On

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Recipe: Pork Goulash With Bread On
Recipe: Pork Goulash With Bread On

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Pork goulash with bread

Another type of popular goulash is a recipe with grated rye bread added to the sauce. Spread finely chopped onion on lard, put the meat cut into small cubes on it, salt, add ground red pepper, cumin and simmer - first in its own juice, and then gradually adding water. When pure fat remains at the bottom of the pan, sprinkle flour on it, dilute it with water and bring the meat to full readiness. When the meat is already seasoned with flour, add about 30 g of grated rye bread to the sauce. Serve with potatoes, rice, pasta, dumplings. If you put tomatoes in the sauce, stew, and when the goulash is ready, sprinkle with fried onions on top, you get the so-called gypsy goulash.

pork shoulder 600 r
pork fat thirty r
salt taste
bulbs 1 PCS.
caraway taste
sweet red pepper taste
flour 1 Art. the spoon
Rye bread thirty r

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