Recipe: Uzbek Lamb Goulash On

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Recipe: Uzbek Lamb Goulash On
Recipe: Uzbek Lamb Goulash On

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Video: How to Make Hungarian lamb goulash | TeluguOne Food | Chefisode - 6 2023, February

Uzbek lamb goulash

45 minutes

Pulp of shovels, back plank bed 20g-30, sprinkle sy, c and it with om. This information is put in the back of the bucket list, or will add t-pue tsh t to the sheep. Eat, eat to, eat with a luke varied, boil 1015 min. Therefore, oy betrays, flooded with it from a bar, add shy owanny lu sanu, ovy foxes and another 15-20 tons.

Podat gu s tel varm, yen or otny makarmi (makar, noodles, r, uki, etc.)

bar 84-110 r
with a bar? e ghee or animal fat 80-7 r
lu 70-30 r
t? -pyu? e 43-12 r
mu 100-5 r
s? ana 83-20 r
gar? 95-150 r
laurel? y? t taste
lane? taste
greenery taste

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