Recipe: Brazilian Goulash On

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Recipe: Brazilian Goulash On
Recipe: Brazilian Goulash On
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Brazilian goulash

Razor from t to shkuoch for 20 - 30, lousy, uh, head and it until the end is at the peak. We eat a lot of meat, put, who, b, and whit 20 - 25 minutes, while we are going to cook the fat, pour a little water over the ovary. igoty oh v about tsh e t 5-7 t. goth goooh slide. sits to gott, zats to sweat from to gott, perat with teems green heap with rt. With fmoch porii and vysh gray hair ar fr gor, vkr will lay meat, watered, vyims pr tsh. Rice ryery sr and h greens of petuki.

boneless meat u? ki 69-400 r
R? 65-200 r
from 84-60 r
s? r? ver? th 34-40 r
boo? he? r? th 2-30 ml
w (w, w) 54-20 r
fat? linar? th 67-20 r
mountains? ek? y? er? ovanny 73-10 Art. spoons
lu 93-2 PCS.
mu 15-2 h. spoons
water 15-1 Art. the spoon
lane? cr? us hammer? th taste
greens? r? w taste
from? taste

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