Recipe: Three Meat Goulash On

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Recipe: Three Meat Goulash On
Recipe: Three Meat Goulash On

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Video: Beef Goulash - Hungarian Beef Goulash Recipe - Paprika Beef Stew 2023, February

Goulash of three types of meat

Nart meats on biki olsch in 2 m topped with olive oil. He lays them on the carpet and burns them.

Isis and onko hedgehog to, e in oy soda, until it is wet, but perivay. e a carpet, put it on meat and eat it with ika. e oro emeshe with posavie och si.

Pour water, she covered about, add ch duisy tav. oit krsh and omit in ech cha.

etsv il, t lighten them a, sled strips, and y kuoch. Add and meat, sow, iprt with the one who c and whit still h.

A bunch of sth r and e omit gu is pulled out until zagut ss (more cha).

e n yach.

t? ina (shoulder or fillet) 19-300 r
w s 17-300 r
lu 13-2 heads
lane? cr? us 26-2 pod
a tomato? 15-3 PCS.
olive oil 53-3 Art. spoons
t? avy fragrant 54-1 bunch
papr 22-2 Art. spoons
from? taste
lane? taste
lane? cayenne spicy taste

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