Recipe: Goulash A La Sekey On

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Recipe: Goulash A La Sekey On
Recipe: Goulash A La Sekey On

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Goulash a la sekey

By ueswu, t not lyash, ak blue is much more gua, and perth, also less than ice. At first, it was one of the most popular species of aspen.

igot köl, but right here there is a quantity of prkt, prem ol l ien or sem klas. tshs meat, provit kaput. If she barks, t just bark her, while barking, she will add a little to it and throw it a little. Ekshyu ott, can be used for walking a sewing lot and reindeer.

the meat is half ovo, divided from almost parya, the meat is kaput, nary yets, eat, 200 ml of buon of water tsh krsh to rams (sa vse tya ver).

Ve met, sannu with koi, po sppat finely green wop. lyash - for a needle made from ikami ikami grdinka. och hosh suy, rety, from including a lot of ep in es ct.

This prx blue semiiloe not with (living Tril Hungarian), but f his etel: t, pr and rt Jozsef Szekea (1825-1925).

! p? spruce For 900 g of pig meat: 21-0
fat 30-100 r
kapu? t kvash 62-500 r
lane? green 43-160 r
mu 22-20 r
s? ana 74-400 r
lu 24-250 r
papr r
from? taste
h? nok taste
t taste
u? op young taste

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