Recipe: Dolma With Lamb On

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Recipe: Dolma With Lamb On
Recipe: Dolma With Lamb On

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Video: Lamb & Rice Stuffed Grape Leaves - How to Make Dolmas 2023, February

Dolma with lamb

3 servings

Bar ocht films cx, nars scami. Aty to combine with om, olit and oput eer meat. Add khosh prty otenny to gotta r, twee, finely eaten greens, cilantro, you eat. hell hosh prt and 5 minutes are boiling. Na y t ar and nu goluy. b in a dish, false wine companies (from must t with a bottom; whether you can polish or). Gorey bay or 1/2 vyot their loya, whit on fire gott. If the water of suppression is boiling, it is boiling and yelling. The pr feeds are watered with dolmu ery chnok, erected by kef sana, sb.

Food (for 3 servings)
fox? b winegr? e how much will it take
bar 17-300 r
lu 20-5 PCS.
R? 60-1 glass
wt t 86-2 Art. spoons
kef? or sour cream 57-1 glass
cilantro 44-1 Art. the spoon
mint 85-1 Art. the spoon
u? op 70-1 Art. the spoon
h? nok 63-3 clove
from? taste
lane? taste

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