Recipe: Dolma Baked In The Oven On

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Recipe: Dolma Baked In The Oven On
Recipe: Dolma Baked In The Oven On

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Dolma baked in the oven

Weld from us kosy 2 l.

Provit fsh. oh, alo, k, finely uh, olit, will add a half ainoy c, a half ainoy bark; Perat from ash otnennogo is and it on the carpet on the fire. whether ap halfitya uim, b him if there are spoons.

Fox for oshit, you can boil 1.

Taken from the winemaker, put chyu fsh and well, s with sun sor.

In order to eat meat, it will fill it with dolma. l, jerk cr, ron, but y will make a duovka h

To serve matz, peranny from the EU, sy chny perm.

kos? and? an 76-15 Kg
fox wine harvested 1 liter can 3-1 PCS.
! r? spruce For minced meat: 93-0
bar (pulp) 8-1 Kg
with bar? e 61-200 r
R? 34-1 a cup
lu 11-4 PCS.
wt t or vegetable taste
! r? spruce Greens: 70-0
cilantro 23-1 bunch
u? op 18-1 bunch
p? he 8-1 bunch
mint 96-1 bunch
! p? spruce 84-0
from? taste
lane? h? us taste
kor? a or ground cumin taste

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