Recipe: Dolma According To Your Own Recipe On

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Recipe: Dolma According To Your Own Recipe On
Recipe: Dolma According To Your Own Recipe On

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Dolma by your own recipe

Recipe photo: Dolma by own recipe
Recipe photo: Dolma by own recipe

10 servings of ktaara 07/27/12

I want to share it with the dolma, who will master it. poliaetya olyuno avil - without IS and ss, but in clothes, oh, ponr.

Food (for 10 servings)
* bar - about 3
At a rkoshi with a lump, which is a sesal ki (amm 400 a), yells, sala e kvar and br v olodil.
* winegre cha - 1 kg
we have a rnke, a girl who is prh quality. Lush with ohm, because of them, and there is a lot of paper. Ti, t dolma is not yet a cauldron.
* rsh - 1 painful h
* cilantro - 1 shot
* - 1 bunch
* you are lane - 3-4 sh.
In general - according to p.
* lu - 2 big kovitz
* chnok - bch 6-7, you can
* ch adjika - if there are spoons
* omat passa (yelling!) - 700 ml
e, -hosh, tomato with reverse, but also ak ovozilas from 18:00 02:15 …
* these: a, ery ets, acy ets (or), ol
the same measure with phasia c. Me cha elmi a crny lane.

Wed a reservation nset oporiy - goth her prshh shabah - for wow, we are a goose, and we will obirt her ring. cho esvo unit can be smaller in the river.:))

It, beginning.

1. Take meat and hedgehog on ar - khosh ku with sor 0.5. You have support - hosh, I lich savlyayu you with a knife as for op, and oh sa ot.

But you can do it in or out of iqmena - whether her advice is investigated, it is all true and false. orbku - moore, kuonne harvester - ass! I got it, I got it, I put it on the macaw.

p kosoch and - at the bottom of the lich bu, so that fsh would be a lot - 1/4 to 1/3.

to ir on the eyelid weave - and go, but more Avitya. we use fsh. yen rbim and rsh (thank you bimu zhu, t rbt I don’t me!), I’m going to aru., with perimeters, a lot of y (added 2 those with coy), just like her. oshko blowing mesh fsh.

2. were washed and cut. Horen dominate and t posdins (hey, t prit!) And wim.

Here at the ost - I ach in the dark sh colicht fsh, pot cho anina vk yar, and ama with fat, therefore, from the dolma got fsh, they were more.

Let's take out the little "dolminks" from in or bye.

3. Goth ss, avku, I know the name … In it, oh, h she kids witts. My advice is a lich experience - igott ss anye, t t wash with dolma, t s not ts.

In omatyu we add uu adjika - what thu-thu, straight, remember, what she does work or does. The same dried cilantro petuki, b, smash finely, cilantro, porbleny lane without yegor and emyan, also uy porridge chnok., Add the taste of ts h (for me) r boiling with water of a constancy eye (rsh in tx pr, would Which would be especially taken).

We fill in t, so as to cover simmet 2, and so on.

4. Minu 50 on p / small is quite accurate. Osavit doh krsh. S that det ame o - tastier than it is heated, not yach.

How e, about his false, about en s!:))

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