Recipe: Lamb Roast On

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Recipe: Lamb Roast On
Recipe: Lamb Roast On

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Video: Garlic and Herb Roast Leg of Lamb, Slow Cooked 2023, February

Roast with lamb

Recipe photo: Roast with lamb
Recipe photo: Roast with lamb

4 servings of Milania 11/03/12

The bar is related to showing whom., but, lu and kov - b th eogo yes.

Food (for 4 servings)
Fillet anh (with cookies) - 1.2
Master - 1 s. l.
k epchy (cut into 4 asi) - 3 tons.
kove (ezanaya ukami) - 4 t.
- 900 g
Tel (esany krpny kukami) - 4 t.
very good
lo livoch - 15 g (1 t..)
Vezhaya Petuka (ripped) - 15 (1 s. L.)
and ery y per s
Kaput gar (po)

Like a bar with a body:

1. chgu kasrle azogr asitnoe lo, lays down meat and it from all to litter. he eats meat on an are, ott rubbish.

2. Take out the same tulle and kov, ovit, stir, about 5 tons, golden tsak ka. about nova lays down in a lump of sea, b, cover with a slow 1 hour.

3. Zat kasrlyu meats karof and och tyana, new ty krsh and ovit still mine 40. Least fat is removed from xt, dalit chan. ь heat from anina livoch mas and yy rsh, pos, whose perat.

Serve the heat of anina karof with avois kaput (po).

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