Recipe: Roast Boar On

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Recipe: Roast Boar On
Recipe: Roast Boar On

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Video: Hunting, Butchering and Cooking Wild Boar | Gordon Ramsay 2023, February

Roast wild boar

Stuff the peeled, washed meat with slices of carrots and parsley, add cold marinade and marinate in a cold place for 3 days. Dry the marinated meat, grate with salt, pepper, put in a baking sheet in heated fat, fry on both sides until brown, then add a little water and fry in the oven, often pouring over the meat. At the end of roasting, pour over the wine.

Serve with stewed vegetables and fried potatoes.

boar meat 1.5 Kg
carrot 1 PCS.
parsley root 1 PCS.
salt taste
pepper taste
pork fat one hundred r
water how much will it take
dry red wine 1 glass
For the marinade:
vinegar 3% 1.5 l
allspice peas 3 PCS.
Bay leaf 4 PCS.
onion 2 PCS.
juniper berries ten PCS.

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