Recipe: Roast Venison On

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Recipe: Roast Venison On
Recipe: Roast Venison On

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Roast venison

Wash venison, remove films and veins. Peel the onions and cut into circles. Pour water into an enamel bowl, add onions and spices, boil, cool, pour in vinegar. Place the prepared meat in a cold marinade and place in a cold place for 5 days. Cut the bacon into small pieces. Remove the meat from the marinade, dry it with a towel, stuff with bacon, rub with salt and pepper, roll in flour, fry on all sides and transfer to an enamel pan. Pour 1 glass of water into the pan in which the meat was fried, boil and pour into a saucepan with meat, add the onion and spices from the marinade, close the lid. Put the pan on the fire, bring to a boil and simmer over low heat until tender. Cut the meat across the grain and place on a dish. Mix the remaining broth with sour cream, bring to a boil,strain and pour over the meat.

venison 1.5 Kg
pork fat 150 r
sour cream 400 r
bulb onions 2 heads
butter 1 Art. the spoon
flour 2 Art. spoons
vinegar 3% 1.5 glasses
water 1 l
Bay leaf 3 PCS.
peppercorns 8-10 PCS.
salt taste
ground black pepper taste

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