Recipe: Jewish Roast Beef On

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Recipe: Jewish Roast Beef On
Recipe: Jewish Roast Beef On

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Roast beef in Jewish style

Beef pulp (thick edge) is beaten, salted and placed in a cold place for 1 hour. Cut the garlic into thin square strips and stuff the meat with it. Vegetable oil (preferably olive oil) is heated in a gosyatnice and, sprinkling the meat with flour and ground pepper, fry it on all sides so that a golden brown crust forms. After that, put onion sliced ​​into circles in the gosyatnick, add boiling water and stew under the lid, from time to time adding boiling water. After 40-50 minutes, the meat is ready. It is cut into slices, placed on a dish, poured with its own juice and onions. It is served with crumbly buckwheat porridge, which is also poured with onion sauce.

beef 150 r
bulb onions 80 r
vegetable oil thirty r
flour five r
ground black pepper taste
salt taste

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