Recipe: Roast "Kazan" On

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Recipe: Roast "Kazan" On
Recipe: Roast "Kazan" On

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Roast "Kazan"

2 servings

Cut lamb (with bone or pulp) into 40 g pieces, lightly fry. Fry the potatoes cut into halves until half cooked. Spread the chopped onions. Rinse prunes with cold water. Put the prepared food in a small earthen pot in this order: first lamb, then potatoes, prunes, onions, Southern sauce (or tomatoes), ghee. Add salt, pepper, bay leaf to taste. Pour all this with broth and put in the oven (you can on the stove) for 40-50 minutes.

Food (for 2 servings)
mutton 200 r
potatoes 150 r
bulb onions 25 r
sauce 20 r
tomato 50 r
bouillon one hundred r
fat 20 r
vegetable oil 20 r
prunes 20 r
pepper taste
salt taste
Bay leaf 1 PCS.

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