Recipe: Doina Roast On

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Recipe: Doina Roast On
Recipe: Doina Roast On
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Doina roast

Lean pork chopped into portions, first fry in lard with onions until golden brown, then simmer, adding broth. Add garlic at the end.

Put the stew, pre-cooked dumplings with potatoes in ceramic pots, pour over everything with the sauce obtained during the stewing. Cover the pots with dough or a lid and place in the oven for a few minutes.

pork 600 r
bulb onions 3-4 heads
ghee 60 r
garlic 1 head
water 720 r
or broth 720 r
salt taste
spice taste
wheat flour 325 r
water 150 r
eggs 0.5 PCS.
salt five r
Minced meat:
potatoes 300 r
bulb onions 1-2 heads
vegetable oil 40 r

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