Recipe: Kavurdock (Roast) On

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Recipe: Kavurdock (Roast) On
Recipe: Kavurdock (Roast) On

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Kavurdock (roast)

Lamb (brisket, loin, shoulder blades) is chopped into pieces of 40-50 g, fried until golden brown, add onion, cut into strips, carrots (slices), tomatoes and fry all together. Then pour water, stew for 25-30 minutes, add salt, bell pepper, potatoes, cut into large slices, and continue to simmer under the lid until tender. Sprinkle with herbs when serving.

mutton 150 r
potatoes 200 r
bulb onions 60 r
carrot 40 r
tomato 75 r
fat 15 r
greenery five r
sweet pepper 20 r
spice taste
salt taste

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