Recipe: Korma - Roast Lamb With Yogurt On

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Recipe: Korma - Roast Lamb With Yogurt On
Recipe: Korma - Roast Lamb With Yogurt On

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Korma - roast lamb with yogurt

Lou, chnok b isim pokrym. x per rr and e t together with cash h in er in it. Let's add a finger, cr shr. We will provide Comrade Shafan with 2 tons of boiling water. anina hedgehog bikami. to osh, on the fire until you wake up, I'll piquant and borrow it until the gar is hot. Pos h hem 0.5 chki and up. Let's put oh, afan, ol yogut (kis milk). krsh 60 mines potash of meat. I will take a visit to you andr or rsh and eat salt s ttm om.

lu? s 56-1 PCS.
h? nok 76-1 tooth
ginger? fresh 51-50 r
lane? h dry 63-6 pods
oh? kesh? yu 83-8 PCS.
t roman 47-0.5 h. spoons
cor? ground 51-2 h. spoons
ground car 67-0.25 h. spoons
bark 81-0.25 h. spoons
carnation 39-0.25 h. spoons
w? r 88-0.5 h. spoons
pulp? bar? I'm lean 42-1 Kg
lu? s 94-1 PCS.
mar? in 80-1 Art. the spoon
from? 67-2 h. spoons
yoga? t or sour milk 40-150 r
cor? chopped greens 48-1 Art. the spoon
or greens? r? w chopped 54-1 Art. the spoon
freshly grated coconut 76-2 Art. spoons

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